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GMA TV Guesting hosted by Heart Evangelista

GMA TV Guesting with Heart Evangelista

GMA News TV features The Sentimental Groove in its new show, “Weddings T.V.” hosted by Heart Evangelista The Sentimental Groove, author of “The All-In-One Music Ensemble” (choir, string quartet and band rolled into one) and the “Quartal Magic” (a string quartet that plays fast and danceable music), was interviewed by Weddings T.V. for a new service that they offer to soon-to-wed clients. Customized Wedding Song, the latest innovation of The Sentimental Groove to the industry of social events was the main topic of the interview.

This is the third time The Sentimental Groove was featured in T.V. First was in RPN Channel 9′s “Wedtv”, then in ABS CBN’s “At Home Ka Dito” hosted by Charlene Gonzales for an episode about weddings, and now in GMA News TV’s “Weddings TV”. Simply implying that The Sentimental Groove not only pioneered the wedding industry but reinvented it over an over again. That is PASSION.
Being the first to design the wedding band in the industry, The Sentimental Groove also gave a little background of their roots from being a trio and a choir in EDSA Shrine to the uniqueness of the group today. Three of the original songs from The Sentimental Groove was featured in this interview. “You and Me”, “Forever’s With You” and “So Suddenly”. The latter song was a a spur of the moment song. Written while waiting for the GMA crew to arrive for the taping, Ian Banawa (team leader of The Sentimental Groove) took a pen and a guitar to scribble and humm a song. As the crew arrive, the song was finished and was sung by Jona Lumbera. Check it out in Youtube.com.
The Sentimental Groove Reviews your love story, creates the perfect melody and rhythm that suits your personality then adds the lyrics that tells you a story

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